Sand and Sea Expo Opened Today

Official Logo--SL's Sand & Sea Expo - May 2nd - 5th, 2013

I’m still unpacking things to show you but I want to share some things that did not come wrapped in a sea shell!

The sims are so awesome! there are  land and sea sims (underwater). So grab your free snorkel and swim fins and be sure you dive in !

2013 Sand & Sea Expo Map

I ran into some fellow bloggers I had not chatted in in awhile and that was awesome and I meant a few new , spoke to some designers I had not seen in a while and meant some new AND that is what keeps us all coming back to  Second Life , meeting  people and creativity!

This is the shell you are hunting for .

Beachcomber Event Poster v2

If you don’t get a gift the 1st time you can always go back in 2 hours and click again ! Which will be super easy to do because there is so much to see, the time will fly.

SO let me share some of the photos I grabbed today.

a little surfing

Kitty Beach

boardwalk bike ride


treasure hunting

Your Designers are:

Oceania Breedables
{what next}
Fruit Islands
Jamy’s Shop
Jp Collections
Mermaid Treasure and Boutique
HeadHunter’s Island
SSS Southern Seas Ships
Triumphal Yacht Club
Leeward Cruise Club
Ocean Shores Surf Beach
Weston Marina
Hana Aloha Surfing Paradise
*BOOM* Clothing Co.
Bee Designs
Nantucket Yacht Club
Deep Seas Mer Outfitters
***MnM Designs***
TUFF Old Boats
The Abyss Observatory
Fishers Island Yacht Club
Two Moon Paradise
CHEZ MOI Furnitures
Starboards Yacht Club
Hollywood Real Estate
THE Beachstore

This event is 4 short days and I can not imagine missing it.

Grab your sail !

OR Grab the Snorkel !

While I get back to unpacking !


2 thoughts on “Sand and Sea Expo Opened Today

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  2. Thanks for another awesome post, Colleen!! I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU SURFING! And in heels! It’s perfect 🙂 We are so excited you are here!


    ❤ Cortez

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