Second Life’s First Annual Sand & Sea Expo

Welcome to Second Life’s First Annual Sand & Sea Expo! Celebrate the Sun, Surf and Summer with this FOUR DAY Expo, Thursday May 2 through Sunday May 5, 2013!

Official Press Release Photo - 2013 Sand & Sea Expo



-DS- Ikan Betta – Tigerfish 1
Deep Seas Mer Outfitters 




All pieces are copy mod
5 different poses in 3 Mer Perches all adjustable using AV Sit
Rocks have 6 different texture change options
Ambient sounds can be turned on and off
Plankton density can be set via menu

Need some fish?
See meadowWorks new Fish Schools to add even more life & color to your reef.


Tantra Mini FINAL


*AC* Argus-Eyed Tantra Flley MiNi Group Gift PROMO
Argus-Eyed *Totally Tintable Tops


KittyCats Final


KittyCatS, voted SL’s favorite Breedable by residents in 2012 on the website at

The cats are fully interactive and functional pets that CAN breed, rather than a mere “breeding” animal. They have warmed the hearts of countless SL residents .




HEADHUNTER’S ISLAND – get the best for your tropical paradise!


Brah Shark Plushie - Blogger Edition_002


~Oceania~ S&S Feeding Time Necklace
~Oceania~ Brah Shark Plushie – Blogger Edition
All Oceania Sea Creatures are created using real life animals as models, bringing an attention to detail that will hopefully please even the most avid of ocean-enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wished for a real, living ocean in your Second Life, here’s your chance! What does Oceania have in store? The oceans are vast and the possibilities are endless!

chez moi_001



Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Bed with Hud, Kitchens, Home and Garden Decor and much more.


Beachcomber Event Poster v2


Grab your sail !

OR Grab the Snorkel !

3 thoughts on “Second Life’s First Annual Sand & Sea Expo

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  2. OMG!! What great pictures, Colleen!! And yay for the Brah Shark!! Thanks so much for showing him, and for posting this awesome showcase of so many great things you can grab at the expo!!

    ❤ Cortez

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