Love & Other Bruises


Another great group show, sponsored by Lumipro, opens @ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex this weekend.

Love & Other Bruises is about love… lies… deceit… selfishness… indifference… jealousy… betrayal… infidelity…. Love gone bad, if you will.

Love & Other Bruises - Exhibition

There are 20 artists involved
Amona Savira,
Annie Klavinham,
Burk Bode,
Corinne Helendale,
Dantelicia Ethaniel,
Harbor Galaxy,
Isa Messioptra,
Kato Salyut,
Leeleu Lemondrop ,
Maloe Vansant,
Morgana Nagorski,
Miuccia Klaar ,
paola Mills,
sare Ethaniel,
Senna Coronet,
Stephen Venkman ,
Tess Falworth ,
Whiskey Monday ,
Zandy Oh,

We would love to see you at one of the opening events.
Times and dates are in the poster.

Your limo.

And if you miss the openings . . .it runs through 21 July 2013.


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