Perfectly Perky Bewbs !!

And ….not implants.

So, I blogged this store a bit back but it was not really the feature of the blog post so I wanted to blog it again and give it the attention it deserved.

SUGAR mesh apparel is some really awesome mesh work. Extremely well done and the textures are top if the game without a doubt.

They have designed some of their mesh to give the allure of perfect perky breasts. The quote of the profile says :

Mesh is like Vera Wang…you dont change Vera Wang to fit your change your body to fit Vera Wang.

Well, maybe. As much as I do love the design and detail of this designer, I will not be adjusting me to suit mesh. So I’m going to post raw photos.

SUGAR mesh apparel 2

SUGAR mesh apparel 3

SUGAR mesh apparel

From the mktplace ad:

100% High Quality Mesh – High Polygons
Custom Textures

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! If you dont like your item, Ill be happy to give you a refund 🙂 .

I wot be asking for a refund because I do like the design , it just does not fit me and I am unwilling to adjust my shape.

For those of you who do adjust and want to look perky w/o implants this is for you!

Included with your purchase are the avatar numbers for a perfect fit.




Body Fat: 5
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 55
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 3
Leg Muscle: 41
Butt Size: 31
Saddle Bags: 31

Body Fat: 8
Torso Muscle: 37
Breast Size: 57
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 5
Leg Muscle: 44
Butt Size: 34
Saddle Bags: 36

Body Fat: 11
Torso Muscle: 40
Breast Size: 59
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 7
Leg Muscle: 48
Butt Size: 38
Saddle Bags: 39

Body Fat: 13
Torso Muscle: 45
Breast Size: 65
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 7
Leg Muscle: 53
Butt Size: 42
Saddle Bags: 41


This store is definitely worth taking a look at !


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