Meet Miss Mesh15 Skin48

Miss Mesh15 Skin48 is created by Jamie Schnook, owner of Wet n Wild.

Mesh15 Skin48 2

Photos are unedited.

Shape is of course over exaggerated but this is Second Life. It is pretty well done to be honest. I spoke with the creator , super nice and very helpful, and was told the avatars are slightly modifiable.

I have not modded this shape at all .

Mesh15 Skin48 3

As you can see you can dress her, Wet N Wild has a large choice of outfits for the mesh avatars as well as several shapes to choose from. There is even a tiny gummi bear avatar!

Mesh15 Skin48 4

What I see off the top, eye shape would need to be changed to suit me, hands are a bit big and fingers a bit too long. There is no clear definition to nails, nipples or  uhm girly place.

I’d like a lighter brow as well, since I’m blond, but the face is kinda cute. Also, the gap or well what I’ve seen the *invisible pony rider* needs to be lessened just a slight bit.

Mesh15 Skin48

The feet are cute but again the nail definition just is not there. You will not be able to dress her from just anything in your inventory, like I said , Wet n Wild does sell complete and very well detailed outfit and shoes etc for the mesh avatars in stock, and there are quite a few.

I did look back through the marketplace store at earlier avatar work and I can see definite improvements over the early releases.

I’d like to see this designer make a mesh that lets us keep our own head/face, and work a bit on the nipples, girly part and nails, oh and a thicker shape, but I’m not complaining. This avatar is cute. The creator again super nice and very helpful.

Includes Mesh15 Skin48 Figure/Skin/Lashes. Clothing Paks sold on SL Exchange and inworld store.

Mesh and mesh avatars. You love them or you don’t.

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