My SL10B Newbie Makeover

Reblogging this from Harpers blog because I think it’s not only an awesome idea but also quite fun. I intend to pick one up at the celebration !

I’m going to use the new LL Birthday Bear avatar as well! Happy 10th Anniversary to all of Second Life !

A Passion for Virtual Fashion

The Challenge!

Remember Ruth? She was the mother of us all. And she leads off this challenge I am issuing for SL10B and SL’s Tenth Birthday.

The Challenge!

KT Syakumi, one of the co-leads of SL10B Community Celebration, asked me to sort out some of the library avatars she had found in a dusty archive. I couldn’t help but box them up, “advertise” their fine features and have a little fun. I realized they have the patina of “newbie” and they were the first things residents want to get rid of when they figured out they can look a lot better, so I wanted to make them seem more appealing.

My SL Newbie

These avatars will be offered as freebies for people to wear at SL10B when it opens June 16. (Yes, I know.. they are free already. Come on and laugh with us here.) We hoped people would grab them in nostalgia and enjoy their fine…

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