Sometimes You Are Never Sure

If leaving a review really makes a difference. Of course I imagine all designers want to get glowing reviews on their products . Last month I blogged this really adorable outfit from Marketplace by !Soul.

What was not to love? It’s super cute fun and flirty, appliers were included, mesh and I did not have to adjust my butt for it too fit!  The price was unbelievably a good bargain and it included boots as well.

Now as much as I loved this and was completely happy, the boots did not fit. I went and left a review.

Monday I logged in and the creator , Shannon Byron, not only dropped me a very nice note card but she also dropped me an entirely reworked product!


Boots now with re size!

Soul Mesh Mini Skirt-Mesh Boots-Lolas TangoShirt Navy pink.

You will receive:
– Template top ( can be worn with lolas or without) ;
– Lolas tango appliers huds for top;
– Mesh Mini Ruffle Skirt in 6 standard size options X X S, XS, S, M, L, XL;
– Mesh Boots in 3 standard size S, M, L ;
– Unrigged Mesh Boots (with resize menu);
– 3 alpha layers: just for skirt, just for boots and one which includes both (skirt, boots);
The items comes normal and in bright!

I was really always happy with the outfit, the quality is super, her work is good and her prices make shopping her store really favorable! The fact that she paid attention to her reviews, took the time to make her product better and was kind enough to drop me a complete fixed outfit makes me a very happy and very regular future customer!

Thank you Shannon!

I suggest you take a look, if you have not yet at her stores on Marketplace and in world.

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