Second Life – Looking Forward, Looking Back

Second Life turns 10! Let’s look at where we came from:

How long have you been in Second Life?
What have you been doing since you got here?

I logged into the  Second Life grid in December 2007.  Looking back and trying to recall my 1st impressions :

Lost most of the time. Sometimes frustrated. Totally in awe and fascinated!

I was going to wear one of Harper’s avatars but the state of the grid today made me leary, sooooo , I dug out some early photos to share.

Colleen CrissPIC

This blog is so much a part of my avatar history, I owe that to my friend Alianna Logan. who pushed me to blog when I started to work for Opium Fashions and photoLIFE, and now operates a very busy blog feed herself!    DesigningSL * BloggingSL * HuntingSL * LivingSL


OFA Model Colleen Criss

I’ve been blessed to meet and work with some fabulous photographers and Second Life Artists!

It was an amazing time for me, I met some wonderful people, made some great friends and the really cool part, it is global!

colleen 3

There have been runways, magazine covers, store ads, and above it all there was fun and great people.

I spent a ton of time here learning :

NCI Logo (No Tagline)

and later as an instructor. I still direct new avatars to NCI.

I did the Mentor thing too, that was awesome!

I kissed a Linden once !

And searched for the Lindens Halloween Bear in the Cornfield!

I’ve been a huge Second Life music fan girl too! Guess who my favorite singer is !

The HAPPIEST day of my Second Life?


We partnered and partnered, and run a very successful Second Life business.

4 years and I have been thrilled by every moment.

I am also very fortunate to work as business manager for Stefan Buscaylet, creator of LUMIPro.

"Lucid Dreams" ~ Sponsored by LUMIPro

I am a staff photographer at BUSTed, which I love doing. The models and the others on staff are a great group !

So that is my Second Life to date! Looking back is fun and looking forward to even more fun!


So , that is my Second Life evolution. I know I’ve left tons out but this blog and my flickr are the memories of my Second Life.

Doing this post has made me smile!

Happy SL10B to you all !


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