Gallery Assis in Association with LUMIPro

Jessica Belmer “Milk”
A whitish nutritious fluid produced and secreted by the mammary glands of mature female mammals and used for feeding their young until weaned.
Isa Messioptra “Beg”
"Beg" exhibit at Gallery Assis
Isa uses SL photography, animated textures and even moving scripted prims to tell the journey of one womans domination over a male submissive.
Emaline (Ms 9) “Wet”
WET ~ Images by Emaline9 at Gallery Assis
Ready….  Waiting for the first touch…. Holding your breath as time stands still and the rest of the world fades to black… The first trickle of perspiration sliding down the back of your neck…. Hinting, teasing, wanting, anticipating….
Please join us! Assis also welcomes these 3 talented Artists as resident artists at Assis (Aeternum)  all the girls have accepted.
Time to celebrate them and their art !
Opening party:
When: Saturday June 22 @ 12pm SLT
Tunes: D.J. Hotboy
Host: Floyd Arun
Theme: Slumber Party
Dresscode: P.J’s, nighties, undies or whatever it is that you may wear to bed.

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