SL10B Celebration

I have always ALWAYS loved the birthday celebrations in Second Life and have always tried to be as much a part of them as my time would allow. I believe in giving back so that it helps to close the gap from creating the avatar to retention rates. It’s very important to me. I’m sure it is very important to most.

My partner feels the same way and donates his time to sing because he believes that is how it should go. He does not even set out his tip jar, he asks residents to tip the stage managers and host/ess for all the hard work they do all week-long making sure the residents are enjoying the celebration, and the entertainers make smooth transitions etc, their jobs , while fun, is definitely not easy!

So, today he was singing at the Lake stage as they had a spot to fill he volunteered to cover it. We tp’d in and enjoyed the performer before him last 30 minutes of his show. I was in my capture program , getting some video coverage, like I always do. Now, any one who does video knows you do not see chat nor get IMs and I capture with no sounds on so I don’t hear anything either.  Toran’s 1st song and I see NOTHING, why? Because I’m no longer on the sim !

SO I look close the capture program to see what had happened, sim crash or what. All I see is IM’s so I check them all to find one resident with too much power NOT even in charge of that stage  ejected me. My crime…. it says I had exposed nipple showing.  I was ejected by staff, I will not name names , the point is. What fool ejects a resident from a resident run celebration for ALL residents of Second Life?

 Hi Colleen! Sorry to have to ask you this, but your in a PG area & your showing to much nipple.


Well I took a photo of what I have on and I have NO exposed , uncovered nipple showing at all. Both are covered. What I do have on is a tank top with a broken strap, but there is NO nip slip.

No nip slip and no exposed genitals and jeans. *gasps and clutches my gramma pearls*. Nothing is exposed , I HAVE  nipples! but they are certainly covered.

I suggested to the resident with an apparently bad graphics set up, that he should fix that and see Second Life in a whole new light.

Over 30 minutes there and NOT even the residents in charge of that stage said a word to me about seeing a nipple, no one did past greeting me as I landed.

While the delicate sensibilities this avatar may have had got his panties twisted, I’m not even in violation of  TOS  as there is NO NUDITY.

Maybe I’m too old for Second Life or maybe it’s I’m more mature then most.  As long as you’re not having sex or nude or showing your girly or boy parts on G sims, I don’t care what you wear in your Second Life!

Next time I’ll wear a nun uniform so no one gets scared!

NOTE: No child avatars were harmed in this post OR that sim.

2 thoughts on “SL10B Celebration

  1. If you wear a nun uniform, *I* will be scared :o)

    (I have stories too about the prudish side of G dress code. My outfits didn’t even imply I had… gasp… nipples. They seem to be like kryptonite for some. I tend to be more scared, though, of the people that make such a fuss because of… the human body. I guess they haven’t one!)

    • I totally understand where you are at with this. I always see you as very well put together, just so you know, you have great style in my humble opinion! What makes it all bad is , you can not even enjoy anything just like everyone because you look different. This is SL for crying out loud, get a grip. They probably harass furries and elves and dragons and merfolk and petites too!

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