Only A Few Hours Left !!

To get over to the Under Sea Expo!

Official 2013 Under the Sea Expo Sign -- June 20-26

This fabulous Tidal Treasure Belt and Bra is from *Mer-chandise Cove* and it is at the Expo right now!

Tidal Treasure Belt and Bra

Sculpted and modifiable for easy adjustment to fit you perfectly.

(other jewelry not included)

Under the Sea or on the beach, this will get you noticed!

Beautifully crafted and fit for every mermaid princess!

*Mer-chandise Cove* @ The Expo

~ Oceania Breedables  ~ Medusa and her Pups Teaser

Oceania Breedables is still in development, but coming soon! Join their Update group for the most current information on upcoming events and release.

Oceania Breedables. The tide is rising.

Info Group:
Oceania Breedables ~ Updates & Chat

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