The Medieval Court ~ Storybook Saturdays

New Challenge – Storybook Saturdays

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There never was a time when women were more frequently made the subject of verse, nor worshiped with greater devotion, then the age of chivalry. It was a time when the duty and pleasure of every gentleman was to be the slave of same lady, and when passion of love was studied more ardently, and expressed in more delicate and sincere language then at any other time.

The introduction among the rules of chivalry of the so called “Science of Love” brought into the customs and ideas of medieval society a new element which became almost immediately dominant, side by side with the purely warlike element and the religious element.

The new doctrine, when brought in from Provence, France and spread by means of crusaders returning from the Holy Land, found a congenial atmosphere in the North of France and among the Normans, where women already occupied a dignified and independent position.


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