reBourne – Bali –

(photo by Editorial Clarity)

Yesterday my partner and I purchased this home. Absolutely stunning. Details and textures are outstanding and because we do a ton of photography and machinima the fact that there were NO offensive lighting was a huge sell for us.

We rez’d this as a house , not a skybox.

M E N U:
Bali has a house menu. This can change the background and waterfall in the premium skybox version.
*premium skybox*
– 11 backgrounds
– waterfall visible/hidden
– PREMIUM version comes with ambient sounds

Photo from Second Spaces

Over all I am totally satisfied with the look and the sale price.

This stunning home has one design flaw, when rez’d as a house and not a skybox there is no *gate/entrance*. The wall totally surround the house , so you have to set a tp directly into your home or jump over the walls.

With all the great options offered with this house/skybox a bit of forward thinking might have included the option when rez’d as a house on ground level that there might have been an entrance gate. So, while you can mod / move furniture you can NOT mod the build, we are unable to make our own *gate/entrance* . If you intend to use this as a house at ground level be advised you will either tp directly into the house or jump over the wall.


reBourne – Bali –

reBourne – Bali – ( PREMIUM FURNISHED ) quality beach home with pool, mesh house ( skybox and ground version included )

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