Gallery Assis in Association with LUMIPro


Gallery Assis in Association with LUMIPro presents:

Joseph Nussbaum “Intimacy”

This show presents a close view of intimacy, holding, love making, in all different varieties. Intimacy is an aspect of life that is important; it is something precious and something we should never lose. I have attempted to show the closeness of two people, focusing on the feelings and the balance of the portrait.

Erik Bayn L’Homme

A series about pure masculinity, to show the male body at its best. It’s inspired by real photographs but arranged with an erotic touch and a sensual feeling !

Sabbian Paine “Dreams of Flesh and Water”

Dreams of Flesh and Water is about the fears and desires we often experience in dreams and the surreal, haunting and almost colorless images they often paint in our mind. This series is based on my own dreams and desires which often manifest themselves in or near water and the fear of sinking and what lurks beneath the surface coupled with the erotic desires of bare flesh in water.

Opens Saturday 17th August at Noon SLT

DJ Mjshotboy Skytower and Host Floyd Arun

Theme: Roman Bacchus Festival


Eli Wallace, Owner of Gallery Assis, has been working endlessly to get moved into a new sim and create a wonderful relaxing and classy atmosphere for the galley.

Please join us this Saturday @ Noon SLT to celebrate these fabulous artists and their works with an exotic themed party !! Grab your grapes, wine and toga!

At the new gallery location on Facon:



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