Moving !!

5 years of blogging Second Life ! I’ve managed to fill one complete blog space and it’s time for a new spot, SO ……

I have created a new blog space. This one will not be going away, it will be linked to the new.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my SLife with all of my friends and followers, fellow bloggers.  The designers and events  coordinators that have trusted me to showcase and feature their designs.

It’s been a journey for me , one that I cherish. It’s been a positive learning experience that’s allowed me to meet some awesome people form all over the globe and grid.

So, please be patient while I transition to my new blog . I certainly hope that you will all join me there too!!

In the coming week you will find me continuing to do what I love @

Colleens SLife in Pixels ! 

Now , I’m back to moving in there and getting everyone notified.  🙂

I’ll be watching for you !!  See you there !

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