>>ROOTS<< Get Noticed

There are some really awesome bikinis at >>ROOTS<<. I bought them all! Went home tore open the packages and tried them on, instant *oh yeah* !

Choosing the one to suit my mood I put it on and headed out to enjoy some sun. The moment I walked out of my studio I was nearly blinded by flash. I don’t know how they knew I’d been shopping at >>ROOTS<< but they seemed to love the kini of the day ! 🙂

So, I gave ’em a lil vogue and smiled knowing I’d made the perfect choice in beach wear !

You can too , head over to >>ROOTS<< and grab yours!

The cute Paparazzi prop was a group gift from the fabulous Ms Callie Cline ! I’ve had alot of fun with it  🙂 .

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